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Extract From DSU?


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I was wondering if there was anything special requirements to extract items from a DSU. I'm trying a simple redstone engine with wooden pipe but that doesn't seem to be working. I have the side I'm extracting from set to OUT, yet nothing happens.

Pretty much I have an overflow detect system where the item will return to the DSU if the destination is full, and it keeps looping, but I can't extract items from the DSU with pipes of any kind. Putting items INTO it with pipes works fine.

Are there any known bugs with this? Or am I just doing something wrong?

Is there an easier way to do what I'm trying to do?

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just tried it and was able to do exactly what you want, so either you're setting it up wrong or you have a problem.

Any chance you have the wrong side set to OUT? Or the DSU is empty? :-D

Maybe it's just a minor oversight... so often I post something on here only to realize I was missing the obvious.

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My DSU has about 600 seeds in it. I'm pulling from it using a wooden pipe directly one block away to a tesseract which pumps it to a planter. Any excess seeds get pumped back (or should if I can get to that point). I can't extract anything though.

Here's a diagram: T Tesseract, DP diamond Pipe, WP Wooden Pipe

T (From Harvester)

DSU (Seeds) < DP > DSU (Wheat)

WP < Engine


This is from TOP DOWN as if you are facing it and it's on a wall)

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well, have you tried (for troubleshooting purposes) something simpler? Like DSU - WP - CobblePipe(CP) - CP - CP - Chest ? (with, of course a redstone engine on the WP)

if it doesn't work, then we'll know it's a problem; whereas, if it does, then perhaps there's an issue with your tesseract setup or something?

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I'm pretty sure you always need at least one pipe after the wooden one. otherwise the wooden pipe doesn't know which side to pull from. This is at least my experience.

You can change which way around the pipe is using a wrench. There is a clear end and coloured end, The coloured end should be attached to the storage you wish to pull from.

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