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[1.0.6] SPACE CRAFT [PvE survival][20 slots][WHITELIST]


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Hi to all the server is no longer available

the server has been shut down due to the lack of player

IP= www.jrstorage.com

SERVER RULES= no stealing

no cheating

be nice to player

have fun

Hi To all. due to the lack of players online, i have drop it to 6 connection.

no mod remove or add. using default

running the server from my house, got tired of playing alone

server is up 24/7.

looking for player just what to play survival and help each other

the server is whitelist. please submit application at URL.: http://www.jrstorage.com/JRSTORAGE.COM/REQUEST.html

or submit thru here


why want to join:

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IGN: Scythe344

Why I want to join: I've been shopping around for a server I like and have had many issues with griefers and the like, so this server seems like a good idea. I do not grief, and I like to help the few players who understand less than I do. As the previous poster said, I will stick around if the community does develop nicely.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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