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G'day, unable to enter my sp world.

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Open up the EE3 config file and find a line that says:


Change the value to false and try and boot up BigDig again. I have my doubts that this will actually do anything, but it's obvious that EE3 is the culprit here. Post the forge log if you can, it generally has more detailed information; you can find it in .tekkitbigdigForgeModLoader-client-0.log. What were you doing when the game crashed?

Edit: too late

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Here is the forge log:

That's not the forge log. Load up your game, wait for it to crash, and then post the ForgeModLoader-client-0.log file that's in the \bigdig directory. If it's too long, then use pastebin.

You might also try uninstalling E3, loading up your game and then moving around a bit, and then reinstalling E3; unfortunately, you will lose everything related to E3 (the minium stuff) but NEI can be used to cheat that stuff back in.

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I've got it set at 1gb the highest I can set it on the launcher. :)

If it won't let you increase the memory allotment any more than 1gb, you'll have to install 64-bit Java. If you can spare the memory, give it between 2-4gb and try to load up your save. Make sure to increase the perm-gen size too.

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Didn't want to make a new thread, but my new world ha started to do it aswell after breaking a coal essence plant it crashed and now crashes on world load here is the forge log. :)


Edit: Oop no worries it's working again I just had to relog twice no problems with it now, and no problems with breaking the crops I think it was just a random crash hehe forgot to update this when It fixed yesterday. Forge log is there if you'd like to look anyway :)

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