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Is it just me or is the ore table a mess in 1.0.6?


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So I've spent the better part of a day on my SMP server I've put up digging around.

Seems to me there are inordinate amounts of iron, copper, and tin and silver at the < 16 level, and almost none of it at the < 45 level, where I'm mostly finding coal and small pockets of iron.

I've filled up multiple chests with hand mined cobble and I've yet to find a diamond, though I've found a few emeralds. And out of all of it I've found all of 5 gold blocks and those were around the sub 40 level.

I spent several hours strip mining down between 16 and 12 doing the standard 3x3 tunnels and turned up nothing that I would even consider rare or uncommon. Silver on occasion, lead...a few ferrous ores..but not diamond to be found in miles of tunneling.

Was there an MC update that affected this or does the ore table seem a bit messed up to anyone else?

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Yeah I don't generally go straight to quarries plus I'm a bit behind on Thermal Expansion and having to figure out the teching process all over again for this new version...which is all well and good. Just seems like diggy hole isn't working like it used to.

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here's a chart I made for my own use, from the config file for Thermal Expansion. It doesn't really address percentage of blocks for a given ore, but at least shows rough levels to look at. That said, I believe that diamond really tapers off starting at about level 12, so I tend to mine at 9 - 11 and have had pretty good success. (see second image, below -- borrowed from )

If some of this is outdated, please let me know...



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hmm, I didn't get around to that one; it's Applied Energistics, right? I'll have to look it up.

EDIT: the best I could find is this, from the AE site -- not terribly specific, but maybe all the way from about 15-65?:

Quartz Ore is a fairly rare ore added by Applied Energistics. It spawns above the diamond layer, but below sea level. It drops Certus Quartz Crystal andCertus Quartz Dust in varying amounts. Generally 1-4 of either is common.
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