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Bad Lag When Cutting Trees ONLY!

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So i set up my server a few hours a go. I went to chop a tree down with an axe and the block re-appeared then suddenly the whole tree came down.

I dont think its my computer but i will post specs anyways:-

8GB Ram

Quad Core 965BE @ 3.8GHZ

7870 2GB


The Server is set up to run a maximum of 4GB of Ram.

Please help..... :)

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That would be treecapitator

Player Chops Block

Treecapitator hooks the event and neutralises it (Block reappears client-side but was never broken server-side)

Treecapitator determines how many logs are in that tree

Treecapitator breaks everything that is allowed by it's config and applies the damage to your tool (as set by the config)

This is a rough idea of what happened

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