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Bug report - Massive Chocobo apperances


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So, I've captured two chocobos for breeding: a male called Chaos with rainbowish feathers on the back of its head and a female normal yellow named Renoa. I gave them each a lovely gysahl green and they bred Bluecobo and a green chocobo.

I then went back to my farm to get some more gysahl greens for further breeding (took less than a minut) and returned to this:


There were tamed chocobos everywhere and my bluecobo where no longer blue but plain normal yellow and my green where gone only Renoa seemed to be normal. Before I did anything I restarded everything just to make sure, but it stayed the same.

I killed them all and started over by finding and taming some new Chocobos. I bred two of them called one of the newborn babies for lilli, left them for a little while to farm more gysahls and retuned to a massive amount of fully grown Lillis.


I have no idea of what to do about this. There are other strange things about the chocobos, like when I bred a pair for the first time I know they are surpossed to walk close towars eachother and then a baby appears, but one of them kept following the other and I couldn't order it to stay put or follow me using the Chocopedia.

I'm playing alone on my own, not on an online server and my Big Dig is ver. 1.3.9.

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yeah same thing happened to me the other day. It caused so much lag I had to edit the world and remove them all. From what I hear breading chocobos causes this major glitch. So I'd advise everyone against that for now at least.

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I had the same thing after breeding two chocobos and coming back to this 10 minutes later:

I tried mass murdering them but they would not die unless I switched the world off peaceful. I've left it on easy and haven't had the issue since, but I also haven't tried breeding again chocobos either.

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It's a known issue with Chococraft 2.8.4, suprised this version was included in Big Dig.

I have tested out 2.8.5 which is fine though it crashes the server when a chcobo spawns if using mcpc plus.

I had to removed the mod from my pack for the time being because of all this.

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