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Kicked for moving too fast

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um.. idk about that.

I'm set as op (owner) and fly is enabled .. i still get kicked.

it's mostly a glitch of some kind when using the boots and pants from quantum armor.

if i hit boost before or just after jumping ( have not really figured out which?) it send me super jumping in a random direction.

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there's a setting in server.properties to allow flight. if you you enable that, your problems will be solved, and you won't need to be OP to not be kicked.

The Problem isn't the flight, I have already enabled that. Somtimes when wearing the quantum suit I run really fast then when I jump a shoot off really fast some times then get kicked for moving too fast.

I apretiate the help anyway.

Sorry, I quoted the wrong person. :P

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I know that, for me, this only happened in connection with a trip to the nether or the end while wearing my quantum armor. I went through the portal to get back from the end, landed on my original spawn, and proceeded to jump roughly 300 blocks in one bound before I got kicked for the same thing you did. I did notice that the jump pushed me in the direction of the end portal I used to travel there in the first place.

Either way, if this happens to be the cause for your issue, there were two rough ways I found to get around it. The first is to not wear the quantum armor when traveling to the other worlds and just putting it back on when you get back to the overworld. The other is to log off and back on after you transition to one of the other worlds.

Hope that helps!

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Had this problem too. I also tried enabling flight. I ended up using a plugin named "NoSpeedKick" I still have it running on our server. However I couldn't find it on the bukkit forum. I did find this one though: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fix-nomovedtooquicklykick-v1-1-no-kick-if-you-move-too-quickly-1000.22142/ hopefully it will work just as well for you.

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