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Luke TB

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My friends and I are reaching the point where we are far into our server and all the mods in original tekkit lite, however we are becoming bored. What do you all suggest we add in to provide more challenges or more interesting experience to our server? It's okay if it doesnt goalong with the tekkit theme, for example we are trying thaumcraft right now and we love it.

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The best mods to add are gravitation suite: it's an addon for industrialcraft. It adds better quantum armour with creative flying and better drills, better lap packs, just upgraded op items from ic2 to make them even more op. even some small mods change a lot. Such as adding in something like soul shards. An one more: Forestry, it's a great mod for automating farming and new power sources and tree and bee breeding! I hope you take these mods into consideration as they are great companions to add into tekkit.

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