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Replacement for Tesla coil?


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Before IC2 was removed from Tekkit I was using multiple Tesla coils for base protection. Now with the current version the Tesla is no longer available.

I am interested to see what others are using as protection for their base from monsters?

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A wall and good lighting, mostly, when I'm going by just Tekkit.

If I add in the Portal Gun mod, there's obviously the turrets.

Tekkit 1.1.5 (which is currently being tested) adds in the MFFS mod, which will allow you to build force-fields. One version of which will have a field that delivers damage.

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I like the mob grinder idea.

I've installed thaumcraft into my tekkit (best mod of all time in my opinion) and so my answer is iron golems. Then again, I also like hitting people with the fire wand from my tower (solid range on it). In my experience though, tekkit is a little lacking in automated defense on its own.

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