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[1.5.x] Essentia Vitae (Soul Shards) (June 15) (BETA)


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My entry for competitor to Shadow Dragon's "Soul Shards" mod is here with its first beta release!




All artwork pulled from other sources is licenced under various open-community licenses and is attributed and redistributed inside the texture directories.

All original work by me in this project is licensed under the WTFPL.


The full license text is located in the file "License_WTFPL.txt".

The following are ENCOURAGED (that means just do it and tell me afterward; don't bother asking first):

*) Usage of this mod both publicly and privately.

*) Distribution of this mod in both public and private modpacks.

*) Usage of this mod on servers both public and private.

*) Alteration and modification of this mod.

*) Linking to and discussing this mod elsewhere on the Internet.

*) The production of videos (such as Let's Plays and Spotlights) including this mod.

*) Everything else.

The following are DISCOURAGED:

[ This space intentionally left blank. ]

The following are PROHIBITED:

Claiming this work as your own without first changing its name to make it clear your changes are your own and not mine.

Include FULL logs when reporting bugs. Don't truncate them in an attempt to help. Use pastebin or a similar service if necessary, or send them to me in a private message. Screenshots are also encouraged when appropriate.

Known issues:

Forge information file (mcmod.info) not yet implemented.

Blocks drop in creative mode.

Lighting on Tropaeum Mors has an unpredictable delay in activating.

*) Eventually, the lighting should update.

*) Sometimes, but not always, walking around the block while facing it helps to speed this process.

*) If the lighting has not updated, Tropaeum Mors on the ground will not be shaded, and Tropaeum Mors drawn inside Essential Genesis spawners will flicker.


General crafting items:

  • 1 lapis piece surrounded by 8 nether quartz pieces -> 1 crystalline housing
  • 1 sugar + 1 gunpowder + 1 redstone dust + 1 glowstone dust -> 4 modicum vitae
  • 1 sand + 1 gravel + 1 clay block + 1 soul sand -> 1 granulated soul sand
  • smelt 1 granulated soul sand -> 1 potentium vitae
  • 1 modicum vitae + 1 potentium vitae + 1 charcoal -> 1 sothom spice
  • 1 nether quartz block + 2 modicum vitae + 2 potentium vitae -> 1 luminescent crystal shard

Tropaeum Mors:

  • These are trophies (usually severed heads) that drop randomly from vanilla mobs.
  • Heads drop more commonly from rare mobs, and less commonly from common mobs.
  • An item is already being implemented to cause guaranteed trophy drops, to be included in a future version of the mod.
  • The trophies can be placed on the ground in any of 16 directions, and can be rotated by sneak-activating them with an empty hand.
  • They respond best to an axe.

Combine 1 tropaeum mors with 1 luminescent crystal shard to get an attuned crystal shard to that mob type. Find a mob of that type in the world, use the shard on it, and you will take half of your current health or 2 hearts (whichever is more). The damage you take will charge the shard. The charge stays on the shard, so you don't have to do it all at once. A fully-charged shard becomes a vital crystal shard.

Combine 1 vital crystal shard with 1 crystalline housing to make 1 essentium vitae. (This is the soul shard.) As you kill mobs (by any means, as long as you are credited with the kill), the essentium vitae charges up. The charge per kill depends on the rarity of the mob as well as its value.

Once an essentium vitae is fully charged, it begins to shimmer and will accept no more charge. At this point, it must be upgraded with another vital crystal shard of the appropriate type to move it to the next tier. There are 8 tiers in total.

You can craft upgrades for the essentium vitae that will make it gain charge faster, all the way to 1000% speed. Combine 1 crystalline housing, 1 sothom spice, 3 potentium vitae, and 4 of various materials to form the 7 tiers of upgrade, called "Sothom Core". Combine the cores with the essentia to upgrade them. Upgrades will be LOST when your essentium moves up to the next tier, so they must be reapplied. If an essentium has charge at the time it is upgraded, it retains that charge.

Essentium vitae can be upgraded to the next tier and have a sothom core upgrade applied at the same time, if you so desire.

Any essentium vitae that is at the top of any of the 8 tiers (meaning ready to be upgraded but not upgraded yet) can be turned into a monster spawner. All monster spawners can be disabled by applying a redstone signal.

Surround 1 crystalline housing with 8 iron grates to make 1 essential focus. This is an empty mob-spawner cage, and can be used as decoration if desired.

Combine 1 sothom spice with 1 tropaeum mors to make 1 essential impetus for that mob. To upgrade the essential impetus to tier 2, craft it with 2 more tropaeum of the same time, and so forth, up to 8 more tropaeum to upgrade to the final (8th) tier.

To make the mob spawner (called "essential genesis"), combine 1 essential focus, 1 essential impetus, and 1 charged essentium vitae. The essentium vitae and the essential impetus must be the SAME TIER to craft successfully.

Higher tiers of essential genesis have greater statistics: They spawn mobs more quickly, they attempt to spawn more at a time, they work in a greater radius, they allow the player to be further away, and they allow more entities to exist nearby at a time. The final (8th) tier will allow the player to be any distance away and still get spawns (as long as the chunk remains loaded). (No provisions are made to change Minecraft despawning mechanics: If the mobs are not killed quickly enough, they may rapidly appear and disappear.) The final tier will also allow the mobs to spawn independent of their normal requirements: Passive mobs will spawn without grass and in darkness, hostile mobs will spawn in daylight, nether-only mobs will spawn in the overworld, and so forth.

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I don't get it.

Anyway, I would like to point out that the names are really confusing. It may make sense in Latin or whatever that is but it really doesn't help when trying to figure out how this works.

When I get back to this mod after working more with RIM (since everyone's hot-to-trot over RIM and barely said a word about this, I've had to put my efforts into the popular one), I'll put up some useful pictures.

And yeah, I decided to go with cool-sounding (to me) names over usability, because really, there're barely any items in the mod. You learn half a dozen of them, and you're golden.

The primary reason for the existence of this mod is to just give people an alternative to ShadowDragon's "new style" for his soul shards.

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After some testing I found out, that the recipes to craft an Attuned Crystal Shard (combining 1 Trophaeum Mors with 1 Luminescent Crystal) and the Essentium Vitae (combining 1 Vital Crystal Shard and 1 Crystalline Housing) do not work. I combine the items as descripted and no result is shown. Even NEI recipes do not show up for these items, all other do work just fine.

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Yeah, this mod is a bit of a mess, considering how much I've learned about modding just in the short time I've been working on RIM. I'm hoping to get back to this soon and give it a thorough makeover.

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I appreciate your interest, but I'm not very good at cooperating. I'm very picky. I couldn't care less if people take code from my project, but I'm super anal about the code that goes into it.

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Yeah no problem :) I am looking for a modding project at the moment. Now I am thinking about a UgoCraft like thingy with forge compatability. But this guy obfuscated his code with names of the deep ones for the classes and tons of weird names for the variables and methods. *sigh* I presume your open source project "Redstone in motion" could help me out to see where to start best for accomplishing my goal for rotations?

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Yeah no problem :) I am looking for a modding project at the moment. Now I am thinking about a UgoCraft like thingy with forge compatability. But this guy obfuscated his code with names of the deep ones for the classes and tons of weird names for the variables and methods. *sigh* I presume your open source project "Redstone in motion" could help me out to see where to start best for accomplishing my goal for rotations?

Well, he is Japanese. Also: https://github.com/immibis/bearded-octo-nemesis

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Hey jakj if you aren't busy, will you be updating this to 1.6 soon?

Not any time soon, though eventually I will. I've gotten almost no interest in this mod overall, whereas I've gotten a ton of interest in Redstone In Motion, so my development energy's been spent primarly on that. Right at the moment I've been taking a mild break from modding to relax and play games, since I pretty much modded nonstop for an entire month before and after the initial release of that mod. Just working on getting my groove back.

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