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So, starting tekkit main...


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And I don't know what I'll be missing from tekkit classic.

Of course I will "miss" EE2, but honestly that's the whole reason I am moving forward, game breaker IS game breaker.

I did try and start a server but I am a tad bit confused.

Normally before moving to all the fancy stuff I try to have some kind of "base" set up, which would include a limited amount of food/power generation.

I could not find nuclear reactors in tekkit main and was figuring if they got renamed or what else may have changed.

I normally have 4-6 quarries running in the nether to get materials but could not find a way to power them properly (except redstone engines, but I don't really like that, I'd prefer to use EU).

Are there mods I should add that work with tekkit main and would help me achieve this?

Atomic energy works with tekkit main? What else would be of interest? Any recommendation?

I am more of the "techie/scientific" type, so setting up chains, refineries or whatever.

Are there mods anyone feel like recommending that relate to this or improve gameplay?

Suggestions are welcome :)

Thanks for any feedback :)

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As far as I know EU has been removed entirely - everything in the current version uses MJ. You can build a pretty effective setup using magmatic or biofuel engines though. Thankfully those varieties don't inevitably explode like the combustion engines (an apt name).

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sorry biofuel is small time now, cascades of fusion reactors bleeding craploads of cheap energy wins now.

Are those even in Tekkit yet?

Regardless, Biofuel probably still wins if it hasn't had a nerf yet.

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I am using 1.1.5 so yes, I will try and get fusion going.

Still, I'll probably use lava-based generators at first until I get some raw materials to work with :)

Out of curiosity, I know EE was removed, and with that EMC conversion, but I read about Applied Energetics and was trying to figure if it works the same way, or what...

If anyone could bother with a brief explanation I would be a happy pands.

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AE isn't exactly comparable with EE3.

In AE, you're basically storing your items in bytes on disks, but you can't transmute or anything. It just allows for really, really compact storage and portability. You can store items on disks, and take them somewhere else, for example.

The simplest thing what makes it so good is the ME Access Terminal. It allows you to access all of your chests and drives at once, if your chests are attached to the same network. No more searching 5 different chests to see where you left that String.

Here's a 4-part video tutorial.

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ME crafting terminals work like a project bench attached to your ME network, you can build a pattern and the build as many as your network has resources for and it will keep the pattern up. Also to note don't rely on fusion yet, there are still some issues to iron out I will try and make a post in the next couple days that shows the results of my research and designs for others to use.

EDIT: if tekkit ever gets big reactors those would be 1000x more efficent than atomic science is now, if only because it is designed to be power positive and automated. Fusion takes a ton of balancing to get working.

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