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I could just be missing it, but I can't seem to locate any kind of manual or instructions on how to use Tekkit. Currently, it says I have 67 mods loaded. Does that mean that all the mods are combined in the world I create? If so, is there any way to choose just one mod from the list?

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All the mods are installed, no you cannot selectively enable/disable them via the launcher

67 mods loaded does not mean 67 different mods are installed

3 of those mods account for Minecraft Forge

Minefactory reloaded has 6 or 7 separate instances on the mod list

You get the idea

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What he said, the wiki is a pretty neat place to start :D Tekkit has changed, A LOT, over time and is pretty freakin HUGE to learn at first !

I would say, find yourself a friend with whom to share the load and participate or go on servers (since they may have tutorials in spawn or people there to help you) :)

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