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Valid Replacement for Blueprints?

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So I am aware that blueprints are BC 3.x and that Tekkit SMP is BC 2.x, so instead of bothering everyone with a "when the fuck do i get BC 3.x" I figured i'd ask if anyone could help me come up with a valid solution to my issue.

So on the server that I am creating I currently have multiverse setup, there is a "flatland" world that has creative enabled and inventory separate from the real world. I have this world for "events" and for people who want to plan out buildings, and then build them in the real world.

The way I wanted to do this was allow them to use blueprints to make the building, remeber the building, then transfer it to a builder in the real world and provide the resources. Obviously, this didn't work... What with Blueprints not being BC 2.x, so my question to you guys.

How would you do it?

It = Allow players to build a building and then allow them to (in the easiest fashion) transfer it to a separate location, but having to provide the materials for it.

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I would recommend Worldedit with the caveats that it doesn't copy/paste marble/basalt/marble brick/basalt brick appropriately, and probably doesn't do any other blocks that have dmg values beyond what is in the base Minecraft game, with the second caveat being you only want to entrust worldedit to server ops who you trust not to seriously mess up your server, so your ops would have to transfer stuff over.

Worldedit's main page is here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/worldedit/

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