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Tekkit Tutorial Videos - Power, Dimensions, Spaceships & Oxygen


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I've been playing the new Tekkit for a month or so now with a few friends on a private server. The one thing we've noticed while playing is the lack of current information on some of the mods and their interactions with each other. In particular for Galacticraft.

I decided try and help out by creating a few videos about the things we've built and discovered. To try and give some inspiration and ideas for things like generating oxygen on the moon.

I'd be interested in any feedback you guys might have.

The first video with links to the others is here:

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Because we're getting all our power from Nether lava I've never really looked into Biofuel beyond making a little so I could have a tank of every liquid.

I'll add that to the list of things to cover in the future. I didn't go very deep into Minefactory this time as I'm still learning about it. It was the Galacticraft stuff I wanted to make sure I got out there.

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