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Found An Issue With Hexxit


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Okay normally i get the crash problem like everyone else but not as often mine usually does it after a few hours or so. But i thought i would let you all know do not wear the full thief armor set while riding a chocobo especially golden ones. For one you will gain LOLGODPSEED and then the game will not be able to keep up and it will for sure crash.

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Thats just it though i did not get a crash report it just said shutting down internal server (which is odd since i was on single player) and then the game closed out without any error report.

That's not odd, that's just how Forge runs the game. It runs the game as a server, even though you are the only one playing, I think because it's easier to manage and/or because it's Universal so it's designed to work on both single player and multiplayer.

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