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Blocks Incompatable with Treecapitator (as of 1.0.1)

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Hi! Before I get all whiny about what isn't working, I just wanna say that this is one of the best compilation of mods I've seen made for Minecraft! I love love LOVE the weapon and tool customizations, the smelting stuff, the HUGE DUNGEONS, the added dimension, and all the mountains of content! All the people involved whether directly or indirectly in this mod pack should be happy they helped make this a possibility! The only thing I'd add is probably warhammers. But that's just me personally. Battlesigns are just as good in some cases though. X3

So that aside, on to the topic of the topic: blocks that don't react as expected when Treecapitated! Here's a list sorted by ID number. This took a while to compile. I know I could edit the config to suit myself easily enough (sort of), but I figured I'd toss this your folks' way as well!:

All trees tested with grown saplings except where noted otherwise.

* = Tested with manmade tree, so results may not be 100% accurate.

@ = Intentionally disabled for performance/convenience issues.



1227 - Bloodwood@

1234:3 - Fusewood Leaves

1235:1 - Fusewood

1238:0 - Redwood Leaves@

1238:2 - Hopseed Leaves*

1247:0 - Maple Leaves

1247:1 - Silverbell Leaves

1247:2 - Amaranth Leaves

1247:3 - Tiger Leaves

1248:0 - Maple Wood

1248:1 - Silverbell Wood

1248:2 - Amaranth Wood

1248:3 - Tiger Wood

1251:0 - Redwood Bark@

1251:1 - Redwood@

1251:2 - Redwood Root@

1255:2 - Bloodleaves@

1255:3 - Willow Leaves

1258 - Willow Wood

1259:3 - Hopseed Wood*



1356:1 - Darkwood Leaves@

1357:2 - Mangrove Leaves

1358:2 - Mangrove Wood

1359:1 - Leaves of Transformation

1359:2 - Miner's Leaves

1359:3 - Sorting Leaves

1360:1 - Transwood

1360:2 - Minewood

1360:3 - Sortingwood

1361:0 - Timewood Clock

1361:1 - Heart of Transformation

1361:2 - Minewood Core

1361:3 - Sortingwood Engine

1367:0 - Roots

1367:1 - Liveroots

Sorry I don't have the data names for these as well. I didn't REALLY feel like sloggin' through what is it... 40-some? 50-some mods, trying to figure out what goes where? ;D

It's also worth noting the mushroom blocks aren't compatible either:


99 (0-10; 14-15) - Huge Brown Mushroom

100 (0-10; 14-15) - Huge Red Mushroom



1241:0 - Green Glowshroom (?)

1241:1 - Blue Glowshroom (?)

1241:2 - Purple Glowshroom (?)

Not anyone's fault as far as this modpack goes and it may just be a personal preference besides, but I think mushrooms should be able to be knocked down like trees too!

Anyway, hope this helps in a future version!

EDIT: So I did a little more digging around. Looks like I was wrong about some stuff! The ExtraBiomesXL Redwood trees and Leaves AND the Natura Darkwood and Ghostwood Leaves all work properly with Treecapitator. The Twilight Forest Darkwood leaves I believe were INTENTIONALLY disabled since they only spawn in Dark Forest biomes which are pretty much ONE GIANT BLOB OF TREES. I also marked the other trees and leaves that were left disabled on purpose for whatever reason. :3 Sadly, I still couldn't find a proper Hopwood Tree to test. The rest were tested in their natural habitats/biomes though!

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The cores of the special Twilight trees aren't meant to be cut down, I believe. I'll have to check to be sure what they do, but I recall that they lose their special properties if they get chopped down.

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I meant to mention that actually! It may NOT be a good idea to make Bloodwood Treecapitator-compatible for that reason. Or at least not the leaves. Then again, what kind of person hacks down a tree they're STANDING in to begin with? (Spoiler: Me.)

The cores of the special Twilight trees aren't meant to be cut down, I believe. I'll have to check to be sure what they do, but I recall that they lose their special properties if they get chopped down.

The four core blocks (Timewood Clock, Heart of Transformation, Minewood Core, Sortingwood Engine) turn into normal wood when chopped down normally, yes. At the very least, SOME of the time? Not sure how you reliably get 'em without Silk Touch or if you're supposed to either! Quite unfamiliar with most everything in this mod pack as a whole, but I'm watching someone play around in it. It's fun to watch! And fun to play! :3

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Hi, bloodwood CAN'T work correctly, because of the way they're oriented, the cores shouldn't for various reasons, natura redwoods (not EBXL redwoods) can't work correctly because they're so massive that we had server crashes when we let them work normally in testing.

That said, I see some in there (darkwood) that were working okay post-1.0.1 when I tested. I'll try them out, but are you sure there wasn't a bug with your axe instead of with the tree?

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I think there's two different kinds of Darkwood, sir! One that comes from a normal-looking sapling and one that comes from this dark purple-blue sapling. The Darkwood that doesn't work has a description on all its pieces. But like I said, I tested that particular Darkwood with a man-made tree rather than one grown from a sapling. (I couldn't get the damn sapling to grow for some reason!) But I DID try and make the trees look like trees. o.o

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Hey y'all! Sorry to double-post like this, but I updated the list in the first post! Turns out I was wrong about Natura Redwood and Ghostwood trees! The Twilight Forest Darkwood leaves still don't fall, BUT I'm sure that's intentional! Also found three more mushroom types I forgot. Thought about adding Firevine, but decided against it since vine-grabbing is disabled by default anyway. :3

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