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Let me see your loot rooms


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I sort of have two loot rooms. I hated the fact that all these pirate ships were spawning and I couldn't sail in any of them, so I added Archimede's Ships (It's a relatively new mod) to Hexxit. I sail around raiding other pirate ships and battle towers and keep all the loot in the cargo hold of my tiny ship, seen here.



Then I sail back to my big pirate ship (which is too big for AS to make into a real ship, sadly) and drop all the loot in the cargo hold, and sail back out for more raiding. :D


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Storage Crates seem like a replacement for Deep Storage Units, you can fit about 1B in a max build height cube. Crates hold up to 1152/block. Chests can hold 1728/block down to 493.7/block.

You want to save storage crates for stuff like cobblestone.

Especially with the shelves and other display furnishings from Bibliocraft.

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