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What creation are you most proud of?


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Because I said I would here is my positive thread in here for the day, as the title says what creation are you most proud of in your tekkit world, this should be something that isn't just cosmetic, that you could easily replicate in vanilla minecraft, buildings count but should be very functional, not just cosmetic like so many vanilla " lookit this shit I made in vanilla MC creative mode" posts that float around. I will share mine but it isn't finished and the construction is going exceeding slow atm due to certain needed materials.

As a standard try to link to imgur rather than imbedding images, so pages are more scrollable. Also don't just post pictures but talk about it a bit if you would.

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I'll have to remake it. But imagine this.

4 towers. 4 very very beautiful towers of Engines. Two Magmatic and Two Steam towers. Just pumping so much energy and a massive tree farm with 5 Powered furnaces firing out coal so fast barely able to feed the Steams. And a few Mag crucibles loading in so much Netherack and spewing so much lava I could drown the overworld with it.

All working in like a wave form.

I almost cried.

It's not a big thing. It's not something that can't be done. But it's something I am proud of doing. And damn I had fun doing it!


And I just got a nice setup using Logistic pipes!


Doesn't overflow, sorts out nether and overworld ores. Feeding all the machines evenly. And it was damn well annoying to setup.

Unfortunately there is a bug in the Logistic Pipes that causes duping. Hopefully they fix that but as for now I think I may have to tear it down.

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