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PVP defence?


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Hey guys, Im no noob when it comes to pvp. But the available items and enchants make it very unbalanced. With fully enchanted scale armour and heavily enchanted weapons, two guys can just stand and smack each other for a long time before someone dies. However some forms of attack completely overide your defences. Are there any ways to deflect magical attacks or non arrow projectiles? Something that removes debuffs quickly or prevents them in the first place?

Any and all tips very greatly appreciated. Drinking milk in the middle of a battle isnt the optimum choice.

Or is it a case of first to fire wins?

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I don't think this modpack was even made for PvP. It was supposed to be more akin to Terraria gameplay (Grab a few friends and go exploring and fighting monsters and bosses).

If you want to quickly dispel certain debuffs, then carry a Splash Potion with you at all times which is the opposite of the debuff. So if you get the Weakness debuff, toss a Splash Potion of Strength at the floor.

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