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Gun Turrets


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How do I power gun turrets in Big Dig. I have watched some Voltz tutorials and in those, the turrets are powered by a battery box and some cable. These aren't in Big Dig 1.3.9, and I have tried to use redtone energy conduits, BC conductive pipes, and even a magmatic engine. None of this seems to do a dickey bird.

I am obviously missing something here.

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If you use energy cubes, make sure you use Uni-cable, and chunk load the spot it sits in. I've had energy cubes permanently break and require me to replace user's cubes as they become bugged and wont accept power.

You can eliminate a lot of heartburn (and be sneaky about it) by using Tess, makeshift power cube, Uni-cable (connected to side with green dot as output), turret base.

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