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Modular power suits and invisibility

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I am the owner of a server and am having a couple of issues with griefing because my Mods and OP's have no way of seeing someone who is invisible by use of the Modular power suits suit add-on. Is there any possible way to change this without banning the use of the module? I like banning as few items as possible and only need a way for my OP's to be able to see those using the stealth option.

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if you use a good antigreif plugin while they may not be able to see them then can see who did what where which is better imo so in essence they will beable to see who did the greifing theres also a plugin called shadow admin which allows player riding basically you see what the player see's including there inv

btw kudos on the not banning items to many server owners resort to banning rather then finding good work arounds sure its a little more work but imo way better for the server and community to avoid it where possible

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