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Strange explosions from cobblestone transport pipes


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Hey, I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it's intended, so I'm posting it here. I have a pipe system set up to feed scrap from 3 recyclers into a mass fabricator, and recently the cobblestone pipe started emitting explosions randomly. The explosions are almost continuous and they don't cause any damage to the floor or nearby machines, not even to the pipe itself. The damage to the floor is just to show that there's nothing else underneath the pipes that can explode. I have an anti-overflow system using iron pipes. The explosions only happen when there is a very large amount of scrap stuck in the pipe and they go away when the pipe is cleared out. Does anyone know of any fix for this? I did some research and couldn't find an answer. Thanks!

BTW This is the current recommended version of Tekkit Lite.




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Well, for one, this is NOT the Tekkit Lite forum.

Now that that is out of the way... Looks like there is just too much stuff in the pipe, causing it to do that. You might want to have a loop of pipes setup so that everything is going the same direction. Have the pipe go out the other end, after trying to fill the fabricator, down and under the pipe you have already there, then connect back into your feed using an iron pipe to direct it all back towards the fabricator again.

BC pipes are buggy when there is a lot of items going through them. That is basically telling you there is too much stuff in that one pipe section. If you count the scrap, you will probably find that with each explosion you might be loosing one piece of scrap.

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Sorry about this being in the wrong forum. If anyone could move it or something that'd be great.

Thanks for the answer! I also added more solar panels, letting the mass fab clear the scrap faster and that seemed to help. I'll definitely try your suggestion if it does it again though.

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