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Sludge and Energy for Starters


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Hi everyone.

I was just setting up everything in my base to be powered with two combustian engines and then I walked out to get some oil. At this point I noticed, that all those black lakes around the map are no oil, but sludge :(

So now I have thow questions:

1 What is all that sluge good for, because we have tons and tons of sludge lakes...

2 What kind of power is good to use on a medium level? I have a few sterling engines with coal, but they just dont kick it any more. But until I have sequenced pipes or tesseracts I wont be able to supply enough lava/oil to move on to engines like the combustian engine or the magmatic engine.

Any ideas on this?

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Sludge mostly is good for filling in with sand or gravel. You can feed sludge into a Sludge Boiler to make Sand, Dirt, Mycleum (sp?), soul sand and Clay, but with no way to really feed it short of buckets from the pool, filling it best.

Mid game I had a small system of Energy Conduits linked to an Energy Cell then feeding to my machines, it was powered by a combination of Steam Engines and Magmatics.

Setting up a Crucible with a few Magmantics self fed off it, and you drop Netherrack into it is how I kept my lava supply going.

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mid game power for me was steam engines attached directly to each device, I then made a tree farm and biofuel power plant, all it took was a couple trips to the nether for blaze rods, and you are pretty much set. once you have a power plant, everything else is easy.

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Just one problem for me i have no idea what to put all my power into in this new tekkit is there anything that uses a ton of power and does stuff cuz i have a liquid teseract in the nether to pump lava to the over world and feed 4 combustion engines that power pretty much nothing because i already have a bio fuel plant that produces a pretty much infinite amount of energy and i have a quarry and a filler going but those are the only two things i have found that use power plus my product refinery that grinds and smelts items but it uses like little to no energy any suggestions?

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