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struggling with steam engines - always breaking down


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hello - i have tried to get this right for a while but am having issues with steam engines breaking down.

i have seena few videos of people setting up a quarry with 3 steam engines and they dont seem to break down.

i fill mine up with water and coal and the quarry runs for about 10 seconds before all the engines are smoking.

i have googled this but had no luck on how to keep these things running without contstant maintenance. do i need to pipe some water in to each engine to keep them running? any advice would be appreciated.

thank you.

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hi there - i am very new to tekkit - i didnt even know there were bottles! so i have been using buckets to fill the engines. quarry is about 12 x 12 block and i get about a layer done before it breaks down.

i will try to figure out how to pump water into them then. do pumps break down also? and if i put a pump in a 2 x 2 water pit, will the water last forever?


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