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Ok so on the surface this sounds like a stupid question, "How do you kill endermen?" But bare with me here....

Every time I go up against an enderman I get him to like 4hp and he vanishes!! I'm used to them teleporting behind me and I used to be able to kill them no problem. I've been playing MC for a long time now and I never had this problem before.... This *seems* to be a new problem because I have noticed it in BigDig as well (but there they are just a annoyance so i don't care if they go away).

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I'm going to be stupid here and ask,are you doing this at night?And what weapons do you use,for that matter?I've had them disappear almost completely with any weapons that have a fire enchantment.
Yup, fire damage is considered environmental damage to endermen, and so on the first tick of damage, they reset their aggression towards you to neutral, and then teleport away from the damage.

Go hunting endermen without flame weapons.

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ha ha yes at night, no fire damage, gonna try a pumpkin head (forgot about that one) and looking at their feet just in case!

...I should totally post a video of me trying to kill endermen looking at the ground headless horseman style.

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