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Computercraft turtle error


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just took a closer look and your 'end' is also a problem. you only need to 'end' if you're in a control loop, like a 'while' or 'if', etc. so just try:



see if that does the trick.

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Thnx weirleader without the 'end' it works fine, but the turtle won't go forward.

EDIT: my turtle needed a refuel, like i said i am a n00b.

Thanks for helping everyone

since you say you're a n00b, allow me to give you some extra advice:

* when mining, if you ever try to customize programs (as opposed to using the default 'tunnel' or 'excavate' programs), be sure to use something like the following to help deal with things like gravel, mobs, or even just empty space that doesn't require digging:

local function TryFwd()

    if turtle.detect() then



    while not (turtle.forward()) do

        print('oops! bumped something')





* if you haven't made use of it, something like

tArg = {...}

will gather command-line arguments so you can pass additional info to your program at runtime; just be sure to reference each argument (tArg[1], tArg[2], ...) like an array and you may even want error-handling; e.g.,

-- no length supplied; error out with message

if #tArg ~= 1 then

    print("Usage: bridgeS <length>")

    print("must have length/9 blocks in inventory to function.")



I'm sure there are many other tips out there, but the first bit took me the longest to figure out; I'd have turtles not moving quite the way they were supposed to and no idea why.

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