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Some enchantments do not show up in Enchantment Table


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Hello. While playing on a multiplayer server, I have come across a problem. Many of the friends who I play with are able to enchant Decapitate, Ward, and other enchants that I do not see on mine. In fact, I can only enchant the vanilla ones along with Soul Tether, Afterlife, and Blood. None of the other enchantments from mods are found.

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At least one other person and myself are experiencing this exact same deal on a Hexxit server we are all on. Taking the same weapon (for example, an axe) and putting it on the same enchanting table, everyone else can enchant with decapitate but we cannot. When enchanting a book, only the protection enchants show up along with magnetization and afterlife. Other enchants we cant get to appear using the same items as others is Ward, Sanguity or whatever, among others. No one has a clue why it differs between people. The table has max level of 64 and we all have 200+ levels on the same server with the same hexxit version. Any help is much appreciated.

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