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Enchanting a rapier with Sharpness V


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I've researched a bit and and have been trying to create the highest damage rapier possible. However, I have come across a bit of a problem. I see many people speak of enchanting their rapier with Sharpness along with the Tinkers Construct Sharpness added with quartz. One of the methods I heard about was adding Decapitate with an anvil. After that, you can enchant it with Soul Tether along with a couple of other enchants. Apparently, this also enables you to enchant the rapier with Sharpness via the anvil. However, I tried and have been able to do everything apart from enchanting Sharpness on it.

Here's the pic of my rapier:


Here's me trying to put the Sharpness V book on to the rapier:


Can someone please explain what I'm doing wrong? If it isn't the correct process, can someone tell me it?

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Try it on the enchantment table.

Bibliocraft bookcases with Tinkers Construct manuals give 4 levels each, rather than 2 from bookshelves. The Tinkers Construct manuals only cost 1 paper, 2 sticks and 2 planks each. Saves 2 paper and 6 leather per 4 levels at the expense of about 11 wood. It also gives you an extra half meter of space around the enchantment table.

Open the bookcase and drag the books across the slots. It can hold a stack of manuals in each slot, I didn't check if this let you use one bookcase to add 256 levels.

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I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Putting the rapier onto the Enchantment table using the normal bookshelf setup only shows Soul Tether, Decapitate, Magnetization, Blood, and Afterlife :/ Using bookcases rather than bookshelves shouldn't affect it as all available enchantments show up even if the level of the enchantment table isn't high enough.

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I just did some testing with the bookcases as well. One bookcase max can only add 4 levels. It has 16 slots, with each slot adding .25 levels to the enchantment table. The amount of books in each slot doesn't matter. The only thing that does matter is if it has a book in that slot. This means that the max level for enchantment table would be 128.

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