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Battleships forever! real-time strategy game!


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Battleships forever


Battleships Forever is an amazing freeware, 2D, space battle simulator game Created by Bungie's SEAN "Th15" CHAN!!! You can control the madness in intense void warfare that can last seconds or hours, fully interactive story missions, Command whole fleets at a time to overwhelm your opponent, Build your very own ships! A Great online community!

4 Gamemodes where you can:

>Career: Join the Terran war against the pirates and aliens in an action packed, 8 level Campaign. Choose from a huge selection of 19 Battleships, Destroyers or patrol craft to blast your way to victory!


>Skirmish: Choose from 4 challenging mini-missions: Take on endless waves of enemies, Break the pirate blockade or face the mighty Leviathan!

>Sandbox: Set the scene as you see fit and stage the battles of your dreams in fully controllable Sandbox mode. Or watch huge AI armadas decimate each-other!

>Encounter: Create your own missions down to the asteroid with encounter-mode, then export them off so the community can take your challenge. Import other players encounters to test your skill!

Battleships forever also comes with a fantastic ship building program where you can design you very own super ships to use in game! Make a majestic masterpiece to float among the stars or build boxy battle-cruisers bristling with armaments! You can even import custom made sprites by our wonderful community to make your ships look as realistic as possible!


Be part of our close community by joining our forums! Helpful members and tutorials to get you on your way to building beautiful ships and technical creations. Drop by to the Community run: The Delphinius Gulf Wars, a galactic conflict where you can own a faction entirely created by you to battle other players!


Please join us, we would love to see you around!

The BSF Forums: http://www.wyrdysm.com/phpBB3/index....3960a16054b705

Download here today: http://www.wyrdysm.com/bfdownload.php

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