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Some advice required!


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I am running a small server (spare PC at home) running on Ubuntu 13.04 and I would like to know if there is an easy way to schedule stop or restart on it.

I know I can use the "killall -SIGNAME process-name" command but that wouldn't be a clean save/stop of the server.

A restart would be fine but what I would really prefer is a scheduled stop command. That way I can stop the server - render the map - then start it up again with gnome-schedule (I like GUIs so sue me!). And before someone says that I can render with the server up I know that, it's what I'm doing at the moment.

The stop / restart is to clear memory and lagging issues that build up over time.

Any advice appreciated

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get mcmyadmin it has a built in scheduler that can do all that and more the pro version was on sale and only cost me 8 dollar cad

there is a free version but it only allows upto 10 players but might be fine for you

I'll give that a go, I hope its not too complicated

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If you having trouble Pm me and i can skype you through it

Its not terribly complicated but yeah my first time took a little tweaking to get right

had minor issue getting it to see the existing server but a quick google sorted that, the mcmyadmin.conf file needed tweaking to point it at the right folder. Up and going now. Thanks!!

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I'll put this here because it's related to the answer above.

I have MCMyAdmin running (very nice once I got it going). Handy for remote administration however I would like to present the MCMA pages through my Apache server (currently hosting a status banner and overviewer map for my world).

I tried the second option in the answer here http://forums.phonicuk.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=1019

but I can't get it to work. I even tried putting the additional lines suggested for the httpd.conf into the apache2.conf instead, it just stopped apache from starting (something about not being able to load the modules, I can recreate the error if necessary).

Can anyone help?

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