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Help with Power Converters.


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First of all, sorry if it's not the right places to post.

I installed this mod a few hours ago and I have been testing somethings. I transform energy of engine to a MFSU without problem (BC to IC2) but then I have tried to do the reverse, I mean a mfsu to a quarry but I couldn't. I saw one video of the tekkit wiki and I did the same but I don't know why didn't work :\

I explain, I connected some solar panels to a MFSU, then that MFSU to a HV IC2 consumer, then a bridge and then a BC producer (I think is that way, I do it like the video). I put a wooden conductive pipe and then gold pipe connecting a quarry. The energy reaches the bridge but not out :(.

I would appreciate some help.


P.D. If something sounds rare sorry, English is not my primary language.

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I don't think so. A consumer takes power of the MFSU (for example) then goes to the bridge and a producer outputs that energy.

Here is the video that I saw:

What I meant was a consumer outputs power into a bridge and a producer takes power from a bridge.

I'll post screen shots as soon as I can.

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Unless the Power Converters mod has some extraordinary terminology, a consumer would not produce power that could be provided to a bridge. Nor would a producer consume it.

EDIT: Actually, I'm wrong, aren't I?

The consumer, as a part of the converter set-up as a whole, takes the power from the energy source, while the producer (as part of the entire set-up) takes that energy from the bridge and distributes it on?

I should note that I am not at all familiar with the Power Converters mod.

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