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No Icon!!


Launcher Version: Latest

Operating System: Window 7

Java Version: Latest

Antivirus Program:

Description of Problem:

I have installed the launcher but I cant seem to find the launch icon to start the launcher!.....What I mean i that when I was installing it, it didn't give me the option to have a short cut on my desktop. the only way to start it is to do the whole set-up again!

I browsed though .Roaming to find the techic folder to see if there was a start up icon and there wasn't.

If you get what I mean and understand this then well done and could you help?

Error Messages:

Error Log:

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There's no installer, you just download the launcher and run it.

Perhaps you accidentally downloaded something else?

I downloaded it from the official site. It gave me a Setup with a weird sun icon. The publisher was called IronInstaller if that helps and it makes me go though sponsored downloads before it opens Technic Launcher

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Yeah, that's not the right thing. At all.

The file you download should just be the launcher. There's no installer, no setup, no sponsored downloads, etc.

You're sure you downloaded it from the right place? You should have downloaded it from this page, from one of the buttons that look like this:


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