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HDD vs SSD for Tekkit Server


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I have a PC running Ubuntu 13.04 hosting a Tekkit server.

The PC has an Intel G630 2.7Ghz, 250Gb hdd and 4Gb RAM with 3Gb assigned to the Tekkit Server.

I have recently acquired a 64Gb SSD, would my server benefit from having this installed (and why/what would the benefits be?) or should I use it to refresh an old laptop that I have?

Any advice appreciated

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Well how much would you use that old laptop?

I have never tried using a SSD for a sever, but for general computer use, it is really helpful. Programs/files load super fast. I do a lot of work with photos and videos, and being able to load many full HD videos at once is awesome!

I would go with more ram before a SSD for a sever.

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Yea, Minecraft and Tekkit are not HDD intensive, will use more RAM and CPU. Adding a SSD won't help server performance except maybe when the server is booting or loading.

Are you sure? Last I checked, Minecraft had to constantly save and retrieve chunks from the HDD.

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