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Best / Most needed mods?


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Hi I'm new around here and it's been at least a year+ since I've played Tekkit or Minecraft.

I'm thinking of starting my own small server for myself, some friends and possibly some others. I'm curious what mods exist that members of this community feel are a 'must have' in order to most enjoy the experience.

I'm also looking to have structure ownership, different tiers of server privileges e.g. moderators and such. I'm not sure if these are included or what the best mods would be in this case.

edit: I mistakenly mentioned 'mods' when I was actually referring to Plugins.

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as far as mods go, tekkit main has a ton to explore. specially 1.1.5 which has atomc science. regarding the server creation I cant say much since ive never made one. ive heard of other people making custom modpacks that add railcraft and other stuff, but then you have to worry about compatibilty between mods and versions.

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Ultimately, there's no wrong answer. We just have public modpacks for ease of use among users--you can hop from Tekkit server to Tekkit server without needing to change versions, if possible.

Building your own modpack is a challenge that you'll need to decide if it's worth the extra effort, but it has its own rewards of tailoring the experience.

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