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Immibis microblocks


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I'd hope it wouldn't come to this, but... Why??

The only use I have for this mod is using all my NEI pages up. After playing Vanilla for so long I know how to make great creations without these useless blocks. And who would use this in an adventurish modpack anyways? Is there a way to disable immibis' microblocks?

(Yes, fans, you can now and come (s)talking to me)

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The Item Subsets menu at the top of your inventory will allow you to choose which items display in NEI. If you right click on Immibis' Microblocks (in the Mods tab), it'll hide all blocks and items from it in NEI.

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Decoration is always nice when you have beaten every single boss and gathered every single treasure.

Like me..

... wondering what I'm doing with my life...

... as the sun keeps setting everytime I look out the window.

*AHEM* Eitherway, I find it gives a nice touch to building small secrets around my base on multiplayer and they hardly ever get detected.

Also, I just noticed... I don't have those blocks anywhere in my NEI as they should be automatically hidden by NEI's configuration files... at least... for me it is.

Helpfull Edit:

Go to your Hexxit's Config folder and look for the file 'immibis-microblocks.cfg'

Open this in any editor you prefer and look for 'enableNEI:'

If this isn't in the document, add 'enableNEI: false'

Now stop editing the default config files youuuuuu rascal you.

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