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Dafuq? The yogscast have their own game now...

It's called "Yogventures" and DID YOU SEE THE PRICING?!?!

The Kickstart vid:

Also, the project page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/winterkewlgames/yogventures

Take a good, hard look at the right bar. (Where the prices are, scroll down a bit)

$10k for LUNCH?! I can get a decent lunch with a dollar.. (Don't underestimate fast food!)

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I gave them 15 bucks yesterday towards that game. It sounded interesting and $15 seems reasonable for something that may possibly not ever come out. Plus, if it does come out, I get a copy for that $15 instead of whatever the full price happens to be.

I can't imagine giving more than like 30 bucks though, some people are crazy with their money.

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