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FTB Map on MC 1.5.2 (WIP)


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Hi! I'm working on map like FTB map (mc 1.2.5) but on mc 1.5.2. This map will be available when I finish all tasks (map is in beta stage) :)

Modpack to run this map will be available on Platform (If You want) :)

I wrote several programs in ComputerCraft (last screenshot) that replace the system EMC from EE2 (mc 1.2.5).

Map will be available in two languages - English and Polish (Polish is my first language ;) )




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:siren:NO! Here at technic, we hate all things fart-the-butt!!!1111!111:siren:

(Just kidding, of course.)

That looks amazing. How did you make the custom GUI?

I use glass from OpenPeripheral and i wrote program , this mod is so cool :P

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