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TreeCapitator and Giant redwood, Whyyyy??

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Ok so, for some reason TreeCapitator is now working on the Natura Giant sequoias.

This is very... very very bad on a server. Why would we add those codes , and how may I take them back out?

Players like to hollow them out, not to mention the sheer level of suffering that ensues when the server tries to cope with like a billion blocks being reduced to falling debris.

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Holding down shift will make only one block break as far as I'm aware.

Go to your hexxit's config folder and look for the TreeCapitator.cfg, edit what you don't want chopped.

It's not that hard.

Please use the search function or at least google next time.

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Yes gentlemen, you missed the point completely. I am an -administrator-. I need to disable -anyone's- ability to cut down sequoia on the server. Not just me, not just the tree-lovers. The griefers, and the asshats that think making a server explode is hysterical. I did search. There are plenty of tips for disabling it client side. That doesn't help me.

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