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Tekkit Lite Crashed !!!!


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Can anyone tell me how to solve this Problem?

Here is the Crashreport :


at com.eloraam.redpower.core.ItemExtended.d(ItemExtended.java:33)

at up.i(Item.java:458)

It's a redpower bug.

Backup your world. Then try deleting "...\server\<map_name>\players\<yourPlayerName>.dat" This will remove all the items you have in your inventory.

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file://%APPDATA%/.technic/tekkitlite/saves should link you to the folder with the worlds saved in it. Open the directory with the same name as the world, then open 'players', and delete the .dat file named for yourself.

EDIT: Forum software broke the link. Alternate means of accessing:

1. Press WIN + R, where WIN is the "Super" key, usually labeled with the Windows flag

2. Paste into the Run box


3. Press [ OK ]

Also, please don't make multiple threads for the same problem

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The error is due to a glitch in Redpower. When you middle click certain things from the mod, it attempts to add an invalid item to your hotbar, corrupting your world. Clearing your inventory with NBTedit will fix it.

Download NBTedit here:

Extract all the files, run NBT.

EDIT: Back up any files you are modifying, just in case you remove something you shouldn't have.

In single player:

Navigate to your minecraft saves in appdata\roaming\.technic\tekkitlite\saves\YOURWORLDNAME

And drag the file called level.dat into NBT.

Open the drop down called Data, then the drop down called Player. Find the drop down called Inventory, and delete all entry folders listed, unless you know exactly where the item is on your hotbar that is corrupting the world.

In multiplayer:

You need access to the server files. Open the folder named after your world, then the folder called players, find your name and drag that file into NBT, navigate through the same options above to clear your inventory.

If you need more help let me know

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the NBT takes the file does not always get errors on it.

When I dan / tekkit lite / saves / my world / players / and I dragged my name was there had dan press delete my store inventory and yet it is back just like my stuff

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