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New Small Tekkit Lite Server Looking For Staff & MEMBERS! :)


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Thanks for Clicking!

I have been playing about with servers and have a small server which I would like to grow. I have settled on Tekkit Lite as the Mod Pack as it gives me eveything I need.

The Server:

Plugins: None

PvP: No

Whitelist: Yes (Just Message me for a request to be added if you want to come on)

Server Rules:

NO Griefing

Be Friendly

.... Simple

Work together as a Corporation Survival, build and share for the good of all.

Keep the builds tidy... i.e. No Torch Scatter or Single Pillars.

I am looking to grow the server and to give people place to play in a small community and hopefully build a project together.

About Me:

I have run my server as a Single Player to allow my turtles to mine whilst I am at work... but thought why not open it up to a few more people!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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