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New Small Tekkit Lite Server Looking For Staff & MEMBERS! :)

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IGN: Ezuru1

Age: 23

I am in college and full time employed and would love a small server to fill my time in between. I would be on a few hours each day.

I would like to start a project in co-ordination with another/other players.

Three years experience with Vanilla. A year and a half on "Classic" tekkit while just starting Tekkit Lite. Eager to learn what's new.

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Hi, I'm new to Tekkit Lite, but the idea of the whole server working as one sounds extremely attractive to me, and it means that if I ever need help with something (as I will be a newbie of Tekkit Lite for a while), the seemingly-friendly community would be able to help me out. My username: DanVicBez. Thank you!

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