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Getting rid of red matter bombs

Stone Rhino

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Well the unthinkable happened. Some git lit off a red matter explosive. After multiple attempts to persuade the player against using it, he did so when nobody (so he thought) was on. No real destruction except in the middle of the ocean. For his crimes he was issued a temp ban for 2 days and fined 5 stacks of emeralds while i figure out how to get rid of the ever lasting black hole without having to resort to mcedit. Or worse, a backup restoration meaning the loss of 12 hours of work for most folks.

I changed the radius setting so its super tiny, but its making a mess of things. Frankly, I'd like to ban the item all together.

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I think Antimatter bombs, missiles and bullets can deactivate a Red Matter explosion. It might not be every time though - if it doesn't work (or makes it worse), try again. Once it's gone, just let off a couple of rejuvenation explosives (I think that's the name) to reset the chunks it's damaged.

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