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Armor Durability


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Hexxit features armors from alot of modpacks. It seems pretty strightforward figuring out how much protection a set offers (put it on, see how many "armor shirts" it gives you) but comparing durability is more difficult.

Some of the mod makers will post generalities of "this armor is less durable/more durable than diamond", but I am curious if anyone has actual numbers on how much durability each armor has. I doubt that Cloth Armor or Imp Hide would be very durable (never made either, so just guessing) but I am curious to see how Diamond compares to Diamond Plated Scale or Kreknorite or Fiery Ingot or Hexxit Gear armors.

Anyone have any numbers to share?

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This is a very interesting question, one definitely worth the research.

Googling around I can at least post the following, however I can't in any way support that they are accurate...

Err... this is awkard.

I'm trying to insert tables but it won't let me.


However, I did find some files stating the original durabilities, I'll get it up as soon as I can.

Edit 2

There we go, I pulled some files apart and these are all the numbers you could possibly need.



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