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Endgame power storage.


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Looking for an endgame power storage solution for use in tekkit main. Preferably something of the multi block design. Sure, I could just use the energy cubes available in tekket. Sure, they do hold a lot of power. But when you have a huge power grid and lots of high energy equipment running, one cube is just not enough. And using many cubes starts to look a little ugly with all the wiring everywhere.

Something that holds a variable amount of power depending on how many blocks were used to make it, and does not require a jungle of wires to connect it all, would be nice to have.

Cost? Expensive. Gotta use some resources on something...

Size? Varies depending on power storage needs.

Efficiency? Can have a slight power loss, that's ok at this point.

Wiring? Only needs one input and one output from the whole assembly, once completed.

Storage? How about 2/3 the amount of energy a redstone energy cube can hold, per block used.

Wasn't sure if this should be posted here or in mod request...

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You know what would be cool, a mod that made it possible to make, out of a big block of Energy cells, 1 big multi-block energy cell where you can have multiple in- and outputs. Would look awesome too.

But I do agree, something better than Redstone energy cells. Maybe "Blustone" or something. Redstone crafted with lapiz would be able to store more energy.

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@dwwojcik Sweet! Though I love the energy cells, and they are extremely useful for storing power for a long time in game, there just reaches a point where they are no longer enough. When you get a MFFS system up and running for example, and you want a buffer for if your energy system goes offline for period of time. A bank of energy cells just seems so unrefined when used for this purpose.

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