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[1.0.5]FCHexxit[PvP][Raid][100 slots][Open][All Mods][McMMo]Only banned item is the ender bow!

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Server IP :
Website :

Server rules

  • No Hacking
  • No Swearing
  • No Advertising
  • No Duping
  • Don't use titan band or hooks in spawn
  • No Spamming

Any mods removed/disabled : none

Banned Items

  • Ender Bow


  • Factions
  • BOSEconomy
  • Essentials
  • McMMo

I have a goal to provide the best hexxit experience for players so a server is the way for me to do that.

Uptime : 24/7

Staff App :

Username :

Age :

Timezone :

Do you have skype? :

Do you have Teamspeak? :

Why do you want to be staff (50 word minimum) :

How can you help our server (50 word minimum) :

Do you play often on our server :

Have you joined our website yet ( ) :

--You need to play often to be considered for staff --

-- You need to join our website to be considered for staff --


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hello, iv'e played hexxit and big dig and both had this happen, someone has rift blade and spawns the rifs everywhere in spawn, its impossible to stop the rift from opening fro ma blade unless its banned, so ban the rift blade they are very destructive

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  • We have changed the rules to allow Raiding and Griefing, so if you want to stay protected make a faction
  • We have added a new 'Explorer' rank that you can get by registering on our website
  • We have added another link to /vote so you can reap the rewards
  • /warp casino has been setup and is ready to fulfill your gambling pleasure

**Almost Complete Updates**

  • Hexxit part of the website is almost done
  • Donor ranks are almost fully setup
  • Player Market is currently being worked on and should be finished soon

**Planned Updates**

  • A whole bunch of free ranks obtainable by ingame playtime
  • Alot more once we get your suggestions rolling in!



FCHexxit Owner

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Also we may need chat mods as we say a large increase in players today and alot of them are quite vulgar at times :P

On a side note we hit a milestone today of 50+ people on, and its only the end of day 3 ^.^

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So actualy this is the best hexxit server i have ever played on it has great staff faction everything no lag.....its just......2 awsome!!!!! You should definetly join it and have fun!!

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it really is fun. it has almost no lag and the best part is the people here are fun to play with. if you want to see if you can best me come and log on!

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