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[1.0.5]FCHexxit[PvP][Raid][100 slots][Open][All Mods][McMMo]Only banned item is the ender bow!


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Server IP : hex.fc-mc.net:25570
Website : http://www.fc-mc.net/

Server rules

  • No Hacking
  • No Swearing
  • No Advertising
  • No Duping
  • Don't use titan band or hooks in spawn
  • No Spamming

Any mods removed/disabled : none

Banned Items

  • Ender Bow


  • Factions
  • BOSEconomy
  • Essentials
  • McMMo

I have a goal to provide the best hexxit experience for players so a server is the way for me to do that.

Uptime : 24/7

Staff App :

Username :

Age :

Timezone :

Do you have skype? :

Do you have Teamspeak? :

Why do you want to be staff (50 word minimum) :

How can you help our server (50 word minimum) :

Do you play often on our server :

Have you joined our website yet ( www.fc-mc.net ) :

--You need to play often to be considered for staff --

-- You need to join our website www.fc-mc.net to be considered for staff --


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  • We have changed the rules to allow Raiding and Griefing, so if you want to stay protected make a faction
  • We have added a new 'Explorer' rank that you can get by registering on our website
  • We have added another link to /vote so you can reap the rewards
  • /warp casino has been setup and is ready to fulfill your gambling pleasure

**Almost Complete Updates**

  • Hexxit part of the website is almost done
  • Donor ranks are almost fully setup
  • Player Market is currently being worked on and should be finished soon

**Planned Updates**

  • A whole bunch of free ranks obtainable by ingame playtime
  • Alot more once we get your suggestions rolling in!



FCHexxit Owner

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