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Config option for Energy Conduit limit?


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Does anyone know if there's a config option in TE for the limit on conduits themselves? I edited my config to give Tesseracts essentially limitless throughput, but now the conduits are my bottleneck. Each section of conduit seems to only be able to handle 500 MJ/tick, and Tesseracts seem to "bridge" different sections by acting like conduit themselves.

i.e.: Having conduits coming out of two faces of a Tesseract, but *not* connected directly to each other, the total output of both sides combined is still limited to ~500 MJ/tick.

While I could design around this, it seems needlessly cumbersome, and I'd rather just edit the config to fix it, but I haven't seen an option for it anywhere.

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I'm 99% sure that it's ~500 in my 1.1.5 world (upgraded from 1.0.6). I had 1 Tesseract (with limit set to 10000) powering 16 Laser Prechargers, 4 per face, 4 faces total. Using the multimeter, I was seeing ~5.9x MJ/tick on 8 of the prechargers, and ~54.x MJ/tick on the other 8, for a total of ~485 MJ/tick total. I disconnected two faces, and was still only seeing 480-490/tick on the 8 that were still connected.

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