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How do you turn off Meteors?


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Deleting will work fine remove the Meteors Mod V2.10.2.zip on the server. That way the server doesn't see the mod and doesn't run it. The clients load it but they never get the events to trigger the mod from the server.

To summarize: Its only bad if the client is missing mods, if the server is missing some it will simply not show them. No error message, just a few MB of RAM wasted on the clients.

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There should be an option in falling meteors to have decay in the probability of meteors, so that after a couple have fallen in an area, no more will fall.

Hmm, I see it's open source, but the github repo hasn't been touched in three months. Is there another place with more recent code?

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I:"Meteor Fall Deterrence"=60?

I:"Chunk Generation Checks"=4, reducing this to one should cut meteors by about 75%

I:"Minimum Meteor Size"=1, it may be safe to reduce this to zero, zero may make a one layer crater

I:"Maximum Meteor Size"=3, smaller meteors?, semi-height?, a size 3 meteor may make a 7m deep crater

I:"Meteor Ore Gen Size"=6, smaller crater?, crater radius?

I:"Shield Radius in Chunks"=4, each time you double this you only need to place about a quarter the meteor shields

Put this at 20 plus a buffer then meteor shields on a mile grid will never let a meteor fall, along as everyone stays inside the buffer distance from the first empty grid point.

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Joker, you are completely incorrect on a lot of the configuration options. Simply put, if you want to disable meteors from falling in 1.5.2, then change the following options in the configuration file:

B:"Meteorite Meteor Enabled"=false

B:"Frezarite Meteor Enabled"=false

B:"Kreknorite Meteor Enabled"=false

B:"Unknown Meteor Enabled"=false

I:"Kitty Attack Chance"=0

and if you simply want to make meteors more rare, increase the "Meteor Fall Deterrence" in the configuration. You can use this graph to set it to how you feel it should be. NOTE: If you have "Meteors Fall Only at Night" to true, then double the estimated days on the graph.


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