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tekkit space elevators?


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Hello everyone, I'm a huge fan of tekkit mods and i started a server for me and some of my friends. We recently decided to upgrade to a tekkit space server back from a tekkit classic server. All the the new mods and updates are wonderful and i personally thank all the modders for their hard work. The problem is, back in tekkit classic we were using the RedPower mod with frame motors to build awesome elevators with ComputerCraft and everything, something shiny you know. But now that RedPower is not included in this modpack anymore, i was wondering what mod could replace these famous "frame motors" to build nice mechanical things like in this case: elevators.

I searched allot on the net about this and i found nothing interesting. I don't know all the mods included perfectly so I'm really sorry if the answer is simple. But one thing is sure, I'm not looking for crappy piston elevator, water-elevator, or the worst, minecart elevator. If their is no such mods that allow player to build "automated mechanical things" like that, I suggest it as a good addition to this modpack! Imagine a big shiny tower with an elevator on the moon :)

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Because you'll have to add it yourself, that's why. I think CanVox hasn't been paying as much attention to the forums as we'd like him to be aware of RiM's existance, judging from the 1.1.7 test notes.

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