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Hi my name is freezyb12 and i would like to start playing hexxit. everyone knows playing modpacks can be boring alone so i would like to start a private server that houses 20 people. I have skype but my mic doesnt work. and also fyi i'm a noob at hexxit. just saw a vid on youtube and decided to play. So if u want to be 1 of the 20 people to play on my server please message me and i'll give u the IP Address. also you will need to use hamachi to go in my server because for some reason i could not find a way to do it by port forwarding. so here's the link for hamachi http://hamachi.en.softonic.com/

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I have hamachi and would love to play hexxit with you, I also have a skype but have no mic also....

I have the same name as my forum name, just in case the server is whitelisted.

Well This Is Going to be fun hope we get more people waiting for him to give the ip :D

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Could I Be Included I just Would Do Im great At Adventure and Surviving  Just Let me In :D

-IGN: GizmoPotatoe



The Reason to join is because i once tried to make a normal vanilla server but failed and i want to join a vanilla server for once now (This Probobly dosent make since knowing im typing this all sleepy)  Also My Birthday is Coming Up And I really Hope That You Accept me as a Minecrafter :) 

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May I be apart im bored and i want to have some fun so is it ok if i join in?? :D



IRL Name:Stryder Hess


Skype:sirstrydesalot or stryderthedragon with a dragon pic

Please accept i would love it! :D

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