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early game automation query


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hello - i am currently quite early in a new world - well before i can afford AE components.

i have a quarry set up and want to start automating pulverizing ores then turning them into ingots.

example - i have a diamond pipe splitting up all of my ores which are processed and stored individually. however i would also like to make some of the alloys such as electrum.

is there a way - just using a variety of pipes - to redirect say half of my gold and silver dust to produce electrum? thanks.

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If you want a strait through solution for your ores and dust, here is what I tend to use:

Automated Pulverizer and Powered Furnace setup.

You could add a diamond pipe between the wooden pipe and insertion pipe, going into the furnace, and split out some of the gold and silver for your electrum. Just do the same as what Montego said. You'll have to add in the other dusts going into the furnace as well. But this means you can do the same thing for getting Invar, with iron and ferrous.

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Ah, sorry, I forgot to say this... my derp..

Chest --> wooden pipe with engine --> insertion pipe -->pulverizer.

The gold pipe loops back to the chest from the top of the insertion pipe. You can use as simple as stone pipes, but cobblestone will not connect to an insertion pipe.

pulverizer --> chest --> wooden pipe with engine --> diamond pipe to separate out what you want to use elsewhere ---> insertion pipe ---> Furnace.

Same setup of a golden pipe to connect to the top of the insertion and return back to the chest.

The reason for the loop back of pipes is to prevent overflow from your pipes spilling onto the floor and being lost. The insertion pipe will always try to place the ore/dust into the machine first. If it can't place it in the machine, then it will send it through the loop back pipe. There are two different insertion pipes in Tekkit, both work just as well, just choose the one that has the recipe you prefer.

Once you get AE going, it's not that hard to incorporate your ME network into this design, or you can just remove the pipes all together and just use your me network to do the same job with the machines.

ps: Distribution pipe would work, but you would still need to seperate your gold and silver dust first before running it through the distribution pipe.

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I've recently learned to love the hopper. It doesn't require power or signal, it pulls and pushes, and it waits for space, so nothing will overflow. My simple setup was:

Chest > hopper > pulverizer > chest > hopper> furnace > chest

Dumped ores in the first chest, results ended up in the last. I could also put things in the mid chest if I just needed them cooked.

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thanks all - yes i was looking at a similar setup as yours jakalth - but also branching off for each alloy i need - which would need to include an auto crafting station to mix the dust before going into a furnace.

i only learnt about the hopper today Montego - this will save me a lot of looping pipes to avoid overfilling furnaces. looking foward to using them.

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